Reading Short Stories/Writing Short Stories, Day School

Date: Saturday 2nd December 2023.

Time: 1.30pm–5.30pm.

Venue: west end of Glasgow (TBC).

Format: in-person, seminar discussion with writing tasks attempted in class.

Number of participants: Limited to 22 places maximum.

Tutor: Alan McMunnigall.

SOLD OUT (Please email about our waiting lists for classes.)

The primary aim of this day school is to inspire writers to create new works of fiction. We’ll look closely at a range of short stories in order to think about how narrative structures and literary techniques function. Literary style will be examined, as well as methods of writing short stories. Other elements for discussion will include editing, movement, drama, voice, perspective and escalation of tension.

During the first part of the session, participants will write miniature prose pieces inspired by the fiction we’ve read. In the second half we’ll work on openings and outlines of longer stories. These can be continued after the session.

A 30-minute break will take place halfway through. The venue is close to range of excellent cafes and food outlets. For those who can stay on, there will be time to socialise as a group, and to discuss the ideas and concepts from the day a bit further. This is an excellent opportunity to meet fellow writers and readers from thi wurd’s wider community.

An additional online session will take place on Friday evening, 1st December 7–8pm. This will be a chance for participants to introduce themselves and to hear a short literary introduction to the fiction that will be discussed in class. Attendance at this is not a requirement for attending the Saturday day school.

All readers and writers are welcome. This class is suitable for beginners all the way through to experienced writers. No prior knowledge of literary terms is required. The venue for the class is accessible. If anyone has any questions about this day school, or about accessibility, please just drop an email to: