Our ‘Writing Fiction’ classes have been running for over 22 years. They began in October 2001 at Glasgow University, and since 2020 they have been presented through thi wurd. The classes have produced, nurtured and helped more than 1,000 writers and been part of the creation of a large and incredible range of published work.

The basic approach of these sessions involves:

Critique – Group critiques of fiction, written by participants is the life-blood of what we do. This process involves writers submitting pieces of fiction that are distributed and group-critiqued in detailed, supportive and constructive ways. Emphasis is always upon honest feedback that gives writers valuable insights into their own work and helps them redraft work to a higher level.

Reading and Discussing Published Fiction – We read and discuss fiction in order to learn about major elements such as voice, characterisation, dialogue, narration, underlying plot structures, perspective, etc. We discuss literary techniques and learn more about them, and the numerous ways they can be employed. By understanding how techniques work in published fiction, writers become better at using techniques effectively in their writing.

Writing Tasks – We write during sessions and work on projects and writing tasks as optional ‘homework’.

Events – thi wurd is well-known for putting on great literary events. An extra aspect of our terms is reading events designed specifically for our groups, where writers read their own work. Our events are happening online and in-person at the moment.

Over a period of more than twenty years, a community has built up around our classes and events. And from this culture thi wurd emerged in 2006, putting on literary events, teaching in communities, offering editorial support to writers, and eventually emerging as a small publisher of magazines and books in 2012. The fact that our groups are running online at the moment has resulted in our community expanding quite significantly to include writers from many different places in the UK, Europe and around the world. Our groups are always inclusive, supportive and friendly.

The classes do not seek to teach people how to write. Instead they provide a platform to support writers in their work. It’s a democratic process. No voice in the group is more important or valid than any other voice. Through this process we witness writers actively improving and refining their work. The groups welcome new and continuing writers each term.

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Spring Classes (Apr 2024): Writing Fiction (Eight weeks, 2.5 hour sessions)


Tuesday 23rd April – Tuesday 11th June 2024
7pm – 9.30pm (BST)


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Wednesday 24th April – Wednesday 12th June 2024
7pm – 9.30pm (BST)


Sunday 28th April – Sunday 16th June 2024
6-8.30pm (BST)

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