‘in thi beginning was thi wurd’
– Tom Leonard


In the beginning thi wurd grew out of a collection of creative writing groups and classes that started in Glasgow in October 2001. These were notable for the quality of work being produced. Initially thi wurd was designed to support these groups by putting on events and showcases. Quickly the project evolved to become a means of publishing work from the groups. From this, in 2006, thi wurd emerged strongly as a Glasgow based literary publisher dedicated to quality fiction. Its publications, open submissions policy and live events, have resulted in the discovery and promotion of powerful and original voices.
In terms of naming the project, we owe much to the generosity of Tom Leonard, who agreed we could take our name from his famous poem. Tom also contributed two poems to thi wurd Magazine, Issue 1 (2012) and read at our early events.
Since 2012 we have published books, anthologies, and four issues of thi wurd Magazine (these feature work by writers such as Alan Warner & Janice Galloway, as well as a range of new voices). Between 2019 – 2020 we published three major titles by Booker Prize-winning writer James Kelman: The Freedom to Think Kurdistan (2019), Tales of Here & Then (2020) and What I do (Memoirs) (2020).
This year, thi wurd Magazine, Issue 4 (2021) became our fastest-selling publication. It features artist Rachel Maclean, writer Duncan McLean, and is illustrated throughout by artist Kate McAllan. The launch was supported by a range of prints, postcards and tote bags, available on our website.
Currently we are working on an extensive anthology of new fiction, poetry and experimental writing to be published in 2022. This ambitious project will publish writers and artists from all around the world. We are seeking to create a unique and lasting work of literary, experimental and visual art.
Our live events of readings and music are a important aspect of what we do. At the moment, these are taking place online, but we look forward to once again being able to showcase new work to live audiences in the near future.
thi wurd will continue to be an outlet for literary and visual art.
Alan McMunnigall