On Monday 24th May 2021, the legendary Bob Dylan turns 80. To celebrate this important cultural occasion, thi wurd is putting on a celebratory event, featuring original fiction, non-fiction and poetry inspired by Dylan. Essentially this is a small event, but we’re opening up a few extra places to writers & artists who might be interested in participating. If you’re interested, please check our twitter @thiwurd and either retweet or like our post (we’d also appreciate retweets and likes from those not interested in attending). We will randomly pick 3 or 4 names from the hat to join our event.

Here is what we need from you

We’re asking writers to submit a very short piece. It could be fiction, non-fiction, poetry, memoir, essay, etc, inspired by Bob Dylan. For example, this could be a piece of flash fiction that borrows its title from a Dylan song or album. Or your piece might be inspired by a Dylan lyric. It could be you talking about your favourite Dylan track or album. Or you might write a personal meditation on Bob Dylan as an artist and his influence/impact on you or your life. We’re leaving this as open as possible.

We need all the pieces to be very brief – your contribution should last no more than 1 minute. In addition, we are asking participants for their favourite Bob Dylan quote from his vast and wonderful body of lyrics.

The event will be on Zoom, 7-9pm (UK time) and we plan to put the best of the contributions on our website at a later date (with the authors’ permission). It should be a fun event.

Happy 80th Birthday to Bob Dylan from everyone at thi wurd.