thi wurd’s new term of classes begin in the next few days and spaces are available. To sign up, or for further details, please contact
IN-PERSON CLASS (5 AUG)  – Our first in-person class since 2020 begins Saturday 5 August, 2-5pm in Glasgow’s west end and runs for 7 weeks. This class costs £160.
ONLINE CLASSES (6,8,9 AUG) – These begin Sunday 6 August, 6-8.30pm, Tuesday 8 August and Wednesday 9 August, 7-9.30pm. Each of these run for seven consecutive weeks. The online classes typically feature writers from Scotland, the UK, Ireland, mainland Europe, the USA and beyond. Online classes costs £120.



  1. Whether you do an in-person or an online class, you will be part of a supportive group that helps writers to improve their work through feedback and critiques. We support writers in their existing writing projects and in creating new projects started during the term.
  2. Writers enhance their understanding of literary art and writing, while gaining a deeper understanding of major elements of fiction such as voice, narration, perspective, characterisation, dialogue, structure, and more. The discussions provide insights into different methods and approaches to writing fiction.
  3. The groups are inspiring. Writers typically produce more work during the weeks of the classes.
  4. As well as becoming better writers, participants become better readers – more critically aware of the techniques and possibilities of prose fiction.
  5. Giving feedback to others allows writers to have the distance to apply criticism to their own work. In this context, writers become more objective in relation to their own work.
  6. The classes are a place to meet and talk with writers from around the world.
  7. Prompts and writing tasks are used to inspire new work. Over the years these prompts have resulted in some brilliant new work and published fiction.
  8. thi wurd is a publisher with many years of experience in running writing groups and putting on live and online literary events. The project encompasses a large literary community of writers and artists.
  9. The classes are great for everyone from beginners to published authors.
  10. The prices for our classes are kept as low as possible and provide excellent value.

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