SUMMER DAYS ARE GONE (EVENT) – Thursday 9th September, 2021, 7-9pm

“No-one could be as blue as I was in the fall”

On Thursday 9th Sept, 2021, 7-9pm (BST) thi wurd will present a small event to mark the end of our summer writing classes. The event will involve composing a short piece that responds to the statement ‘SUMMER DAYS ARE GONE’. Participants are free to write fiction, non-fiction, poetry or memoir. Your response could be a memory of a hazy day in summer, or a big emotional moment of summer gone. Perhaps it could be about that strange, wistful feeling when summer turns so quickly into autumn. You might depict a melancholic character on a chilly autumnal evening, nursing a glass of brandy by a fire, while thinking nostalgically back to a long summer walk along a beach. Is your contribution about loss? It doesn’t have to be. Because you might choose to write about the relief often felt when a terrible summer has finally passed. The task is wide open. All we ask is that your piece can comfortably be read in under 90 seconds.

At the event, the main attendees will be those who took part in our summer writing classes, but we’ve opened up 4 spaces for other writers to join us. To win a place please just email your contribution to by midnight on Tuesday 7th September and we’ll choose the best four submissions and invite these people to our event.

Any questions?

Eric – I’ve got a question.

A – Go ahead Eric.

E– How come only 90 seconds, it sounds a bit fucking short?

A – Well, that’s cos we might have around 30 people taking part, so we need to keep the individual contributions short. But you’ll be amazed by what you can do in 90 seconds. And you’ll love hearing the other short pieces of writing.

E – Hmmm … ok, maybe. But I’m still a bit confused by the task. I don’t think you’ve been clear on what’s required. I mean, what the fuck should I write about?

A – Look … wait a minute. How about you drop the aggressive tone? I’ve had enough of people being aggressive. It’s dull. Ok? Just chill. And here’s an idea, let’s listen to Carole King …

E – I hate Tapestry.

A – That’s a stupid thing to say. Being negative all the time is going to grind you down my friend. Believe me, I’ve seen it happen. But anyway, this song isn’t even on Tapestry. It’s one of the most beautiful songs about summer. It says so much. And if you just relax a moment and listen you’ll see what I mean. Ok?

E – If you insist.

A – Incredible. What did you think?

E – It’s nothing special.

A – You’re wrong. Are you kidding? Every single thing is perfect about that record: the sound, the production, the vocal, the intonation. Everything. The lyric is a joy. And what about the drumming? I mean, listen to the drumming. It’s sublime. A piece of pure pop perfection. I could play that song a thousand times and never grow tired of it. Pure bliss.

E – If you say so.

A – Do you know what my favourite line is?

E – What?

A – “I never walked down the beach in a trance”.

E – I could have written that line in my sleep. It’s no big deal.

A – But the point, Eric, is that you didn’t write it. And hopefully that brilliant song has just helped you understand what exactly I meant by the writing task?

E – Nope. It doesn’t make it any clearer. All you did was play a song you like. You haven’t explained the task at all. It’s a waste of my time. I’m not coming to your event by the way. I’m out.

A – Thanks Eric.

So there you have it folks. I’m here to tell you the happy/sad news that  ‘summer days are gone’ and at 7pm on Thursday 9th September, you can join us officially to say adios to summer. It’s time to put away the Pimms, find your tartan scarf and favourite jacket, and, in the words of Bob Dylan declare, “Summer days, summer nights are gone. I know a place where there’s still something going on”. See you there.