Over the years thi wurd has put on many music/fiction nights. Since 2020 these have been taking place on Zoom. In the past they’ve been open to writers from thi wurd’s writing groups & classes, but in 2021 we’re opening these up to other people who might want to come along.

On Thursday 13th May 7.30pm-9.30pm, 2021 our chosen 45rpms will be Hit Parade (twelve singles) by The Wedding Present.

Here are the twelve A-sides/B-sides:

  1. Blue Eyes/Cattle and Cane
  2. Go Go Dancer/Don’t Cry No Tears
  3. Three/Think That It Might
  4. Silver Shorts/Falling
  5. Come Play With Me/Pleasant Valley Sunday
  6. California/Let’s Make Some Plans
  7. Flying Saucer/Rocket
  8. Boing!/Theme From Shaft
  9. Loveslave/Chant of the Ever-Circling Skeletal Family
  10. Sticky/Go Wild in the Country
  11. The Queen of Outer Space/U.F.O.
  12. No Christmas/Step into Christmas

How to Take Part

  1. Choose a matching A-side and B-side from one of the singles (eg if you choose ‘Silver Shorts’ you choose ‘Falling’ too)
  2. Use the song titles as your story titles.
  3. Write two pieces of flash fiction that take no more than 1 minute each to read out (2 minutes total).
  4. Writers will read their A-side piece in the first half of the night and their B-side piece in the second half.

It’s up to you exactly how your story responds, or connects, to the chosen title. You could take the title as a jumping off point; it might be a direct response to the song, or it could be completely ambiguous. Basically, it’s anything you want, just as long as the story title is the same as the song title. At the event, you’ll read out your stories to an informed and supportive audience of fellow writers. On the night we’ll also pay tribute to these classic singles.

The event on Thursday 13th May is fully subscribed but check our twitter @thiwurd for details of how you can win a free place. 

Watch out for other Classic 45rpm Fiction Nights coming soon in 2021.

For inspiration, read this blog about The Wedding Present’s 12 singles from 1992.