On 21 April 2023, thi wurd presented ‘Alternating Current Revisited’ to a large audience at Glasgow University Union. This was the second and final night promoting the publication of our recent anthology of fiction, poetry & experimental writing (published Oct 2022).

Once again we were amazed that people travelled from the USA, mainland Europe and from across the UK and Ireland to be there. The night featured readings of fiction and poetry, as well as film reels and curated playlists. A major highlight was a special screening of the film ‘Jealous Alan’ by director Martin Clark. After the screening, Martin, along with actors Elysia Welch and Jack Stewart spoke about the making of the film. Another great moment was hearing painter Andrew Cranston – who provided the cover image for ‘Alternating Current – give a brilliant talk about his work, and the nature of influence and inspiration.. In addition, live music was provided by Francis Macdonald of Teenage Fanclub, who played an incredible short set.

Below are just a small selection of images from the evening by our official photographer Eilidh McAllan. But do keep an eye on this page, as we plan to add more soon.


(A shot from the amongst the audience, during the pre-event screening of the film reel.)


(Writer Gill Davies reading from her short story.)


(Writer Sean McMenemy reading one of the two shorter works he presented.)


(Actress Elysia Welch talking about ‘Jealous Alan’ and her role in the film.)


(Painter Andrew Cranston standing in front of an image of one of his paintings, while discussing influence, inspiration and artistic practice in relation to his work.)


(Musician Francis Macdonald, during a brilliant short set that included his own work and finished with an inspired cover of Daniel Johnston’s ’Tell Me Now’.)


(Film Maker Martin Clark, director of ‘Jealous Alan’ speaking after the screening of the film.)


(Actor Jack Stewart, discussing his role in ‘Jealous Alan’.)


(Writer Elissa Soave reading from her novel ‘Ginger and Me’.)


(An artfully, blurry crowd shot of a section of the audience we had at GUU.)

Thanks to Eilidh McAllan for the images and watch out for more live events coming soon from thi wurd.