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thi wurd is a fiction magazine based in Glasgow. We seek submissions of short fiction and illustrations. A strong motivation in setting up this publication is to give an outlet to those...
Tales From a Cancelled Country - - Published June 2015 by thi wurd books - - £9.99
Our submission guidelines: 1. Prose fiction please...
The launch of Tales From a Cancelled Country --- 18th June 2015, 6.30pm onwards, STUC Building, Woodlands Rd
The subject for the first month is Janice Galloway, and her favourite sweeties.
James Kelman's 'A Lean Third' Reviewed by Brian Hamill
Essay originally published in thi wurd issue #1. This is the first issue of thi wurd, a new magazine based in Glasgow and dedicated to quality fiction.
Everyone on my mantelpiece is dead by Kirsten Anderson
Ye Think So by Michael Gribbin
Interviews with each of the writers from thi wurd issue #1
Social realism in Spanish cinema - by Raquel Martinez

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